Gift presents: Night Owl Clock, Kids craft ideas

This quick clock tutorial is like a little Ikea Hackers idea, note to self, must submit this idea to them… Anyway, Ikea had these small, square alarm clocks for .99 each in white. I thought a child would rather much prefer a woodland animal verses a white square. Many animal designs could work for dressing up this clock; I just decided an owl would look perfect for mine. Just adapt this tutorial if needed for other animals by creating a different animal body template. 

 An easy and kid friendly upgrade for a small alarm clock. 
Gift presents: Night Owl Clock, Kids craft ideas

Materials List:
Ikea - .99 alarm clock             
Colorful foam sheets
Wiggle eyes – regular or over sized
Double sided foam tape
Permanent marker - optional
1 AA battery

1) Before creating an animal template on paper, just keep in mind that the clock face will be rather low on the animal, choose your animal design accordingly. I wanted a symmetrical owl so I drew a simple owl outline, folded it in half and cut out a paper shape for the body. Trace the owl shape onto a sheet of colored foam and cut the owl body out. 

 The Ikea clock pictured could not be found on the website.

2) Locate the clock face on your animal by laying the paper template over the clock face and shading over the outline of the clock face with a pencil. Cut the circular face shape out and use the altered template to trace and cut out the window for the clock face on the foam sheet.

Shading over the paper to find the edges of the clock face.

3) Cut out and glue down a contrasting color foam for face, wings, beak and any extra details you desire. Add wiggle eyes, I used some extra large ones for fun.

 A contrasting foam color for the owl's face is cut out and glued down.

4) Add some small pieces of foam tape to the outer front frame of the clock face and stick on the foam owl. Pop in a fresh AA battery and get ready to delight a child. 

 Wings are added and a window for the clock face is cut out.


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