Gift presents: Printable sewing cards, kids craft ideas

Gift presents: Printable sewing cards, kids craft ideas

If you fancy having a go take a peek at the instructions below. Its soooo easy and I think it would make a neat little gift.

How to

To make your sewing cards you will need:
♥ A printer to print out this pdf. The pdf is a single page which contains all three designs pictured.
♥ Colored card
♥ Hole punch
♥ Wool
♥ Blunt needle
♥ Button or bead
1) Simply print pdf and cut out. I use pinking shears to cut out the ‘sun’ lacing card out but regular scissors are just fine!
2) Punch holes out (as pictured). I used a 1/8″ circle craft punch but a regular holepunch will work just fine.
3) Give your child a length of wool and a blunt needle and watch them go! If you don’t have a blunt needle to hand you could also use a pipe cleaner bent into the shape of a needle. If you have neither then you can simply wrap sellotape around the end of some wool.
4) I tied a button onto the end of the wool to act as a stopper.
If you have any problems leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to help.
WARNING: I would recommend you closely supervise your little one – even with a blunt needle.


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