home wall decor : plant wall paintings tutorial

  home wall decor : plant wall paintings tutorial
Let's say you are allergic to indoor plants. Or your cat eats everything that grows in pots. Or you forget to water the plants diseased, but the green in the house you want. What should I do? The answer is simple - to draw.  
  • stencil (large, height 150 cm)
  • Spray stencil adhesive
  • Acrylic paints
  • Tools
    • sponge
    1This size stencils (a man's height or more) generally consist of several parts. Determine the location for printing on the wall, mark the milestones by which you will be guided, sticking the stencil. Place the stencil "front" side of a sheet of paper and spray on the surface of a special spray adhesive.
    2Stick the stencil on the wall, focusing on the control tag. Smooth it and how to press your palms against the wall. Check to see if it is fixed. Mixing acrylic paints, apply them with a sponge.
    3Skilled craftsmen can immediately apply the shadow, adding a darker color. Advise less-experienced general strike first uniform background, then run the shadows, striking a different tone paint the second and third layer. When you finish working with the first part of the stencil, remove it and let the paint dry.
    4Align the pattern from the second part of the stencil (after having put glue on it), as indicated in the enclosed instructions. Continue to fill pattern, causing the paint with a sponge. When finished, do not forget to clean the stencil - and it can be used more than once.

    5Your plant wall-painting is done!   supersadovnik.ru                  


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