Kids craft ideas: Let's Make a Snake!

Making toys home with children is stimulating and fun activity for everyone. In addition, we promote creativity and accustomed them to be reused.

Kids craft ideas:  Let's Make a Snake!Baby making toys
This snake can do with tape, string or whatever you have at home. And now I'm going to do check the closet again, because we need is ...

... Markers ranging in size hangers. Do you know if those plastic rings have some specific name?

Here is the tutorial:

The only thing that needs more attention is the head. To make a knot shape normal but giving five or six laps and then, instead of going inside the short end once we had thrice. 
After the long end stretch gently. 
Then you must be putting rings one after another with a knot in the middle.
Finally we cut the "tongue" in inverted V shape with a dot of acrylic paint eyes.

You can tie a string around his neck to get her out for a walk around the room, but assured that this snake is not usually attack.


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