Photo crafts ideas: Revived stones. Hirotoshi Ito sculpture.

Breathe the soul into inanimate object it would seem, is not this is true art? See a very specific image of a shapeless stone. Everyone knows the Japanese rock gardens , in which the unpolished stone blocks create a unique composition and beauty. It is not surprising that it was a Japanese sculptor  Hirotoshi Ito saw the unusual images of ordinary stones, and presented them in public.
3518263_75402692_1_ak (640x640, 187Kb) 
 Photo crafts ideas: Revived stones. Hirotoshi Ito sculpture.
3518263_75402693_2ak (640x640, 117Kb)
3518263_75402694_3a_ak (640x480, 37Kb)
3518263_75402695_3ak (640x481, 111Kb)
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3518263_75402705_13ak (640x640, 115Kb)


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