Pinwheel paper tutorial: craft ideas for kids

Toy pinwheel

Do eggs have a similar Irina turntable. It is made in China and looks uzhastno. I will not even show it here. Nevertheless, our playground, she enjoys wildly popular. This proves once again that children are not so important look of toys, they just need to make it interesting with it. Ira - a good girl and gives her a toy to play everything. Well, dad, accidentally podglyadev this situation, decided to make the other kiddies, too, on the turntable so that each had its own and no one was hurt. 

Pinwheel paper tutorial: craft ideas for kids

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I did not have a thick round stick, so I took three skewers for kebabs and wrapped their tape. Of course, the sharp ends were cut off. At the edge where it will be secured revolver, wound thicker, so no paper is rubbed on the stick. whirligig itself is done in the diagram below, a thin colored paper and attached to the stick nail stationery. And the nail do not need much to stick, otherwise the chopper would not be spinning. Tomorrow should be a windy day and we're going to go outside to try them out.
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