Recycling ideas: The casket of bamboo towel. kids craft ideas

I already post pictures of a talisman , which is based on mat. There was also a master class on wall panels of twill . It seems that this thing is universal and there is no limit to the imagination to use it.
The use of such boxes can be quite extensive, from hand crafted accessories, all kinds of needles, pins, buttons to jewelry. But I decided to make a gift box for money.
3518263_1 (300x232, 12Kb)
Recycling ideas:  The casket of bamboo towel. kids craft ideas

You will need:
- Bamboo Cloth 
- Cardboard (for bokovinok) 
- Fabric (preferably flexible) 
- Bands 
- Chinese coins 
- Buckle 
- Ruler 
- Pencil 
- Scissors 
- Thread a needle with 
- H glue gun and aznachenie Size Boxes
So, let's get to work. You must first decide for what purpose you use the box. This will depend on its size. For example, for handmade stuff needs a big box, so bamboo is better to use a napkin as a whole. For what a detail may need a tiny casket. I decided to make a casket for the money, so he measured the length of banknotes.
If necessary, mark up on the back of the bamboo napkin in pencil and cut off the excess with scissors.
3518263_2 (300x225, 15Kb)    3518263_3 (3) (300x225, 16Kb)
Bokovinki Paper
Now let's get to work on bokovinkami. To do this you need to determine a desired height and width of the box. Drawing on cardboard bokovinki desired shape and cut four pieces (two per bokovinku, as they will double).
3518263_4 (3) (300x254, 12Kb)     3518263_5 (2) (339x254, 14Kb)
Textile finishing Inside the box, and bokovinok
Inside the box is decorated cloth. I took the stretchy fabric, cut out its not the size of napkins, and about 1 cm smaller at each end. Then sewed it on the back, stretching the fabric. So it is necessary to ensure that the fabric is not formed folds. If you have the fabric is not stretched, it is best to cut the size of pads and stick.
For bokovinok I cut parts out of cardboard the size of the tissue, also four pieces.
After you sew the fabric to the wrong side of the bamboo napkin wrapping a cloth to proceed with all the details bokovinok of cardboard (as shown in photo below).
3518263_6 (2) (300x225, 5Kb) 3518263_7 (2) (292x225, 8Kb)
3518263_8 (2) (300x226, 9Kb)
Decorating Boxes braid
Getting started decorating the boxes. Podhodschey tape at hand was not so I used a white laundry gum.Incidentally, it came out pretty nice.
3518263_9 (1) (300x225, 10Kb) 3518263_10 (1) (300x225, 9Kb)
I pasted gum with a little hot glue pulling. Then glue the two halves of bokovinki box.
3518263_11 (1) (300x225, 9Kb) 3518263_12 (1) (300x225, 11Kb)
Assembling Boxes
Then we have the most important stage - collect a box of wipes and two bamboo bokovinok. First, glue hot glue on the base bokovinok vertically, as shown in the photo. Then lift the glue and the front of the napkin, then back to the vertical side bokovinke. You can also sew together all the details box.
The upper part of bokovinok can attach ribbons.
3518263_13 (1) (300x214, 8Kb) 3518263_14 (285x214, 5Kb)
It remains only to make the clasp. To do this, I taped a Chinese coin.
3518263_15 (300x223, 10Kb)   3518263_16 (297x223, 8Kb)
Then on top of the box, I taped the suspension of Chinese coins. Loop will serve as a clasp. You can use other fasteners such as Velcro, a magnet, hooks, etc.
3518263_1_ (1) (300x232, 12Kb)
That's what I got!
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