Recycling ideas: Hours of CD ROM, kids craft ideas

Watch for a sysadmin cute turned "computer" clocks tutorial

Materials for the manufacture of watchesTo manufacture them it took me quite a bit. Glue gun, old CD-ROMs, the buttons on the keyboard, screwdriver and a small Chinese watch. I promoted the clock with a screwdriver, carefully removed the needle and pulled out the movement. Before you shoot the arrow, write down or memorize the sequence in which they were located on an hourly roll. The CD drive in the center is a convenient little hole.In it, I inserted the shaft of the clock and on the reverse side of the disc taped clockwork with the glue gun.Parse the old clock

CD - Clock

Then carefully put the arrow and put in the battery. Hooray, the clock runs! Now do the numbers. We do them out of old buttons from the keyboard. First, the button must be prepared. Leg will interfere with bonding to the disc, so I carefully sawed off a small handsaw and the excess part of the stalk slightly honed fine sandpaper. Now they are firmly and evenly fit on a CD.

Keyboard buttons 

Do not forget to finish the job on timeI marked out the disc with a protractor to 12 parts. At first, held two perpendicular lines through the center (12-6, 3-9). Then, each sector using a protractor divided into three parts. After that, you only glue gun to glue the figures are ready to watch.

You can glue the rear guard, to watch had stopped. Or a small loop on the clock mechanism, for which you can hang the clock on the wall. The last thing I summed up the right needle and put the laptop beside her husband. I hope my gift to him like that.

Clock next to your laptop

 Recycling ideas: Hours of CD ROM, kids craft ideas
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