Recycling paper: Baby Shower Cupcake Liner Flower Toppers tutorial


All you need are cupcake liners in the color of your choice, lollipop sticks, ribbon, and if you choose mini gum paste flower stamens.
Take the cupcake liner and bunch it together at the bottom, so that it forms a petal.

After you have one made put a small dab of glue from a hot glue gun on the side at the bottom and add another one next to it, until a full flower is formed.
We used 4 cupcake liners to make one flower.
After your flower is complete you can take your stamens and glue them into the center.
When your flower is complete just take a lollipop stick and glue it onto the back!
Then just take a piece of green ribbon and glue it onto the lolli stick and your cupcake topper is complete!
Look at how beautiful these flower toppers look on finished cupcakes!


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