Recycling Tin Cans into Organizers: kids craft ideas

 Tin Cans are a very easy and inexpensive mean of organization. Organize your office and craft supplies or use them as planters. Tin cans are so versatile, that organizing with them is only limited by your imagination.
Recycling Tin Cans into Organizers: kids craft ideas
I utilized my baby formula cans by recycling these tin cans into planter and organizer for crafts supplies and kitchen
It does not even need a tutorial. You can decorate it to your heart's desire and have fun.
 Choose a paper of your choice. I chose a turquoise flowers and stripes in contrasting red and yellow colors for mine
 You can use any glue to simply stick the paper to the tin cans but I would suggest to decoupage the paper on the cans, as modge podge glues and seals as well
 I used this simple stripes-paper as a kitchen organizer
 and to decorate my crafts organizer, I used some golden beads, white ribbon, colorful buttons and yarn rosettes. These rosettes are so easy to make, if you want to make your own. I have a tutorial here
 Glue the embellishments to the metal tin. The decorating part is so much fun.
  Here's what you get when you are finished. Now Let's Craft!
 You can also use it as a planter and have a Green Crafts Room
 This Tin Can Organizer is so spacious, it can hold tons of things and still have space left. See what I mean! : )
So how do you like it?
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