Unique gifts: no limit creative ideas! Fancy embroidery!

Among the many unusual techniques of embroidery, this - one of the most unusual and interesting. Master of Lithuania, Northern Insirauskayte - Kriaunevisiene (Severija Incirauskaite - Kriauneviciene), enthusiastically creating great masterpieces, doing the tuning of cars, decorating the usual household items, decorating the house, street, office. Since 2008, the author is the head of the Textile studio-gallery Artifex, which is based on and implements his incredible imagination.
 Unique gifts: no limit creative ideas! Fancy embroidery!
 Funny and art cross stitch

32-year-old artist was born on August 31 in Vilnius. The first prize for his work received in 22 years. And after four years of hard work has finally gained international recognition at an exhibition of textiles The Face and the Wrong Side. Its metal works were presented at an art show Strich Und Faden in Berlin in May 2009.

Working with a needle-to-metal, Severija Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene uses traditional techniques of embroidery a cross, thus she wants to raise interest in and return the popularity of this forgotten art, like embroidery.

"In my job I enjoy those things that are for the most minor details - says about his work itself Severus. - And they have become extremely important in my work. " His work the artist presents his own vision of beauty and practicality of some things that get in her field of interest and inspire the creation of creative projects.

At first she took himself to the development of several items of kitchen utensils: spoons, graters, pots, plates, ladles and tried to work on them. To do this, she made a hole in the metal on the small holes and added a little imagination. So it turned out spoons with embroidered flies trying to eat chips (again, embroidery), pots with scrambled eggs, pots and trays of fruit.

New things that inspired the North to the next accomplishment, became irons (they really God himself told embroidered design - is the same hole!), A bucket, floor lamps, watering cans and shovels. According to the artist, they are all beautiful in their own. Here are just shrug it off no obraschaet.Posle "test" the work already walked quite serious: the artist began to embroider on the hood and doors of cars. Here it appeared not a couple of flowers, but a whole deposit.Organizers of the exhibition Severi went on. And put them right next to the venue.



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