Beau tiful paper flowers: DIY Pomander "Kissing Balls"

pomander ballswm
As promised, I have another project to share with you today from the recent makeover of our daughter’s room.  I hope you are not getting tired of all the decorative kissing balls {like these tissue paper rosettes and the felt kissing balls} that I have been sharing lately.  With Valentine’s Day and three daughters…well, that explains it…right?
pomander ball 9wm 

These adorable kissing balls are not my creative genius…I wish I could claim them because they are really fun and springy.  These beauties are the creation of Paula of Frog Prince PaperiePaula shared her tutorial for how to make them over at Pizzazzerie.
pomander traywm
But before I made the pomanders…I had to make a tray to hold them in.  I found this little gem at the Thrift Store {DI} for .75 cents.  Yep!  I loved the shape and the two side edges of the wooden tray.
pomander ball 1wm
I added a fresh coat of white Krylon Spray Paint…and  sanded a few edges to give it some character.  Doesn’t it look so pretty? 
Then I took a piece of scrapbook paper and cut it to fit into the bottom of the tray.  Then I covered the bottom with a Matte Mod Podge and then let it dry.  Then I added a layer of Mod Podge to the top.
pomander ball 2wm
When I looked for ball head pins, I could not find one single package of pins that were not multicolored.  I saw some pearl pins in the wedding aisle, but they were a bit too expensive for my budget.  So I simply took a pack of pins I already had on hand and spray painted them white.  Spray paint is your friend :)!
pins paintedwm
This was just after one coat.  Make sure to wear a glove and then move the pins around as you spray to get the pins at all angles.  It took three coats to cover them completely.  Next time…I will push the pins almost all the way into the styrofoam so that paint does not get on the pin itself.  It will make it easier to push into the ball. 
pomander ball 12wm
My daughter’s begged to help out with the next steps and I gladly welcomed their help.  They took turns punching and folding up the petals for the top flowers.  They also took turns getting the pins and putting them into the flowers.  We place a flat flower first and then a folded flower.
 pomander ball 11wm
Then the girls would set the pinned flowers in a pile and I pinned them into the styrofoam ball.  It was a really fun girly activity to do together. But they are a bit time consuming. Watch a chick flick and grab a friend to help you. Each ball took about one hour with my little helpers!
 pomander ball 7wm
Pretty easy right?
pomander ball 8wm
I really like how they turned out and they bring some fun color into my daughter’s bedroom.
Beau tiful paper flowers: DIY Pomander "Kissing Balls"


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