Boo Boo Bug, sewing for kids

Boo Boo Bug, sewing for kids

My daughter is a typical toddler and is wont to trip on the toys she leaves lying around, her pantlegs, or thin air. When she gets a bump we generally run for a bag of frozen peas, which usually confuses and interests her enough to make her stop crying. My niece used to have a cute little boo boo bunny, so I decided to make something similar. I drew a few sketches, but finally decided to go with the boo boo bug (partly due to my love of alliteration, but also because it came out cute and looked easy).

As you'll notice in future pictures, I altered the pattern a little on the way. I cut out some templates using the cricut and the George cartridge to make the small circle, as well as the half circle. I laid out the templates just to see how it would look.

I picked up a stack of washcloths from Big Lots that were bright and colorful and perfect for the job.

Then I cut out the pieces.

I've never worked with terrycloth before, and let me warn you, it can be a little tricky and MESSY! But after sewing it all together, here's what it looked like.

I left a space to fill it up with rice.

Then sewed the opening closed.

What do you think? My daughter doesn't quite get it yet. She just throws it on the floor like a beanbag. But hopefully next time she gets a boo boo, she'll appreciate it a bit more. Just in case you might want to make this as well, I put the template up here. Let me know if you do. :) 
Happy crafting!


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