Bunny for Easter: PomPom Bunny DIY

This cute easter project is really easy to make and sooooo fun! I’ll show you how:

You will need white yarn, a small and a big PomPom maker, glue, white and pink felt, scissors and plastic eyes (or buttons)
First, start making PomPoms.
A small and a big one. :) Leave a long tail!
Put the smaller PomPom on the bigger one and tie them together
I made simple knots!
Then, cut off the left yarn.
Cut 2 ears from white felt.
And smaller inner ears from pink felt.
Glue the pink inner ears to the white ears.
Then, glue the ears to the bunny’s head.
You might want to use your fingers to make the ears stick.
It’s almost finished xD
Now, take some plastic eyes in an appropriate size.
And glue them to the head.
For the nose, cut a tiny little heart from pink felt.
Glue it to the cutie’s face!
And now, your bunny is finished!


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