Craft lessons: easy button bookmarks

I have seen these little cuties all over the place recently.  A button and a paper clip- how hard could it be?  As it turns out, not hard at all!

The supplies are very basic- paper clips, buttons and glue.
I decided to use covered buttons and oversized clips.  I also covered the back of mine with a round of felt, just to make it all look a bit neater.
Covering the buttons was very simple.  The piece of felt to the left was used as pattern to cut my fabric. (Please ignore the blood drops. I had a little run in with the rotary cutter.)  The fabric hooks on the button with little teeth and then the back snaps in place.
Slip the paper clip through the button shank and move it to the top of your clip.  Generously cover the shank and paper clip with glue. (I’m using hot glue here, but I prefer to use E6000 for something that is going to get a lot of use.)
I cut a little round of coordinating felt to cover the back.  Just add another liberal coat of glue and slap it on.  You could also use another button, so that there is no front or back to the bookmark.  I suppose you could also use a fabric circle, but then you would have to either sew or treat the edges to prevent fraying and then it starts to lose some of the “easy-peasy” appeal.
There you go, you are finished!  It took me about 10 minutes to do these two clips and I had to take pictures AND stop for a Band-Aid!


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