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Lamp Revamp

What can I say......this lamp is UGLY!!! Does it not scream thrift store 70's special! I am sure you have all seen something like this at your grandmas back in the day.  But for $5 I thought I would take it home...hey it worked and we all know a little spray paint can go along way!
But that shade had to go it not only had the look, but the smell of the 70's!....... I was not going to be putting that on my bedside table!

I found this new shade for $1 it was a nice shade but just not the look I was going for.

After washing and sanding down the base, I sprayed it with Krylon in brushed metal.  I ripped a part the shade and added some ivory polyester fabric.  I cut out leaf shapes and frayed the edges then I started attaching them to the shade to look like flowers, I like how it gives it some texture.  It's a little hard to see the detail in this picture ....again my photography stills are lacking.

You can see the detail a little better when it's all lit up.  I didn't expect it to look like this when turned on, but its kind of neat.  It's a little small for the scale of my large bed, it will be going in the guest room.  But not bad for $6 (I had the fabric and paint).


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