Crafts for summer: sewing dress for kids

Sewing patterns

15 mins. to a little girls' ruffle dress

i bought some ruffle fabric at the fabric district in LA
to make dresses for my two little girls.
they haven't really liked what i've made for them so far
and doesn't wear them unless i force or bribe them,
(which is the reason why i don't sew much for them)
so i was hoping this would be the first that they'd approve of.
i bought 1 yard each of light pink and cream.

and 30 mins. later, i had two dresses made for my two girls!

what you'll need:
2/3-3/4 yard of ruffle fabric per dress
matching thread
estimated time: 15 mins. per dress
project cost: reasonable
skill level: beginner
1. fold the ruffle fabric so there's two layers and lay a dress flat on top.
2. trace the dress with 1/2"-3/4" extra all around and cut the fabric.
(i cut mine a lot longer on the bottom so they won't outgrow it so fast. :)
3. put the two layers right sides together and sew the sides and the shoulders closed.
4. double fold(1/4" fold both times) and sew around the neckline and armholes.
(haha, i just noticed i wrote "the armpit area" on the picture.  eh hem, moving on...)
*5. double fold the bottom hem and sew. 
*optional.  i didn't hem the bottom since it won't fray and the ruffles cover the edges anyway.
the after:
my oldest didn't want to take pictures, but my youngest sure did, can you tell?
and i wore my ruffle dress so we can all be matchy matchy to go to church.
*make sure when you cut the fabric that you're not cutting off the ruffles itself on the edges.
(cut the base fabric underneath the ruffles)
*when you're about to sew, make sure to hold it up right so the ruffles hang down.
*as you're sewing, keep checking so the ruffles are going down and not catch on the wrong side


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