Crafty jewelry: Chevron Duct Tape Bracelet tutoriales

Chevron Bracelet and Geo Necklace
I made this duct tape bracelet as a sample for the craft party and didn’t  get a chance to demo how to make the chevrons. Here are full instructions on how to make the bracelet.  Making the necklace is similar just fold several triangles and attach with jump rings using the instructions below.
Materials for duct tape jewelry

Duct Tape
Cutting Mat
Xacto Knife
Jump Rings
Leather punch
Jewelry pliers
Measuring Tape
Stretch several inches of tape facedown on a cutting mat
Stretch tape face down
Cut the width of the tape slightly less than 2 in. so that you have a square.
Cut ~2inches
Use knife to carefully lift square
Use knife to lift
Stack first square onto stretched tape to double up tape (this adds strength and weight) to the chevron
Double up tape
Press down and smooth tape and then cut second second layer of tape
Cut 2nd layer of tape
Carefully lift doubled tape square and place it face up
Place square sticky side up
Fold top two corners of square in like you are making a paper airplane
(this might take a few tries)
Fold top two corners in
Cut the sticky part of the tape from the center where tape meets to the bottom
Cut sticky part in center
Fold the cut pieces from the center bottom to the top left
Fold split piecesFold center split upwards
Then fold the right side and you will have a chevron
Trim any overlap from the fold
Trim fold if it overlaps
Repeat to make 3 chevrons
Repeat to make 3 chevrons
Use a leather punch, set to the smallest hole size, to make 6 holes in each chevron
Use a leather punch to make holesYou may have to twist the hole punch (while holding the duct tape still) to make a good punch
Make 6 holes in each chevronMake 6 holes in each chevron at the tops, bottoms and centers
Attach chevrons together using jump rings.
Open jump ring with jewelry pliersSpread jump rings open with jewelry pliers pulling one end toward you and the other away, rather than opening apart which will ruin the ring
Loop in duct tape and close jump ring by pushing open ends back together
Close jump ring
Here’s a photo of the chevrons after they have been attached, leave the ends to attach bands
Attached Chevrons
To make the bands for bracelet.  Stretch and cut duct tape to 5 in.
Stretch and cut duct tape to make bands
Cut duct tape in half lengthwise (appx. 7/8 of an inch)
Cut duct tape in center lengthwise
Then stretch and cut another piece to 6 inches and cut in half length wise.
You will need 2 six-inch pieces and  1 five-inch piece
Cut 2 six inch pieces and 1 five inch pieice
Carefully lift one piece and place face up, then fold in appx. 1/3 of the width
Fold tape in 1/3 of the width
Then fold once more, turning sticky portion down
Do this for all 3 straps
Fold sticky part down to make band
Punch holes in both ends of all 3 strap pieces
Punch holes in both ends of each strap piece
Attach strap pieces to end of chevron chain using jump rings
Attach straps to chevron chain with jump ringsMake sure to put short strap in the middle
Attach center strap to center piece of chevron on the other end of chevron chain.
Then cross two outer pieces attach to the other end of chevron chain with jump rings.
Cross outer straps but not center strap
To get the bracelet on, work it on carefully. It will still be pretty loose. I tried different ways of making a clasp but I didn’t like the look. So, I decided it was better to have it be a little loose.
Bracelet frontBracelet back


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