Crafty jewelry: Geometrric beaded wraparound tutoriral

 Jewelry making
This bracelet is my personal favorite because I was finally able to find a way to use these geometric square beads I picked up a while ago.  This bracelet is just as simple as the first one, requiring you to just do some knotting.  You'll need about 22" of cording and some cool beads, but make sure the bead opening is large enough to fit the cording through.  I gave mine a cleaner look by attaching a lobster claw & jump ring closure to the end, but this is purely optional.  You can just use the same loop and knot technique as seen in tutorial #1 above.  Total time spent on each bracelet was about 15 minutes and total cost was less than $3 each.
Using the same wrapping technique from this tutorial, I added these round beads to some leather cording for more of a clean look.  You'll just need some beads, embroidery floss and leather cording.  Of course you can just as well use the cording from the previous tutorials, but I love the color and texture of the leather against the smooth & shiny beads.  I cut my cording & embroidery floss 24" long.  Total time spent on this bracelet was about 20 minutes (it takes a little longer to carefully wrap the string of beads) and total cost was less than $3 each.


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