Crafty jewelry: Triple Stud Ring tutorial


It’s SUPER easy to do, even for beginner jewelry makers.
• Glue gun (or an industrial strength glue such as E6000)
• 3 pyramid studs
• Jewelry pliers
• 2 adjustable rings**
** Any kind of adjustable ring blank will do. You can usually find them with loops (as I did) or with flat metal pads. But you just need the ring – so if your rings have loops, simply twist them off with the pliers. If they have pads, you can also just take them off with pliers.
A quick glue note: If you use a glue gun, you must work quickly, as hot glue dries fast. If you’d like a more solid foundation for your ring, I’d recommend using a glue like E6000. I suggest working quickly with this as well – and in a well-ventilated area! You’ll also need about 24 hours for your ring to completely dry. Your ring will be much stronger if you use E6000, but again, it’s up to you.
1) These were my rings after I twisted off the loops. Slightly open up the rings…
2) …then, using your pliers, bend each end of the ring outwards. Try to make sure the bended end is as horizontal as possible.

3) Take one of the studs and bend each of the 2 prongs in. Fill the inside of the stud with glue.

4) Insert one of the rings into the glue/stud.

5) Fill in the second stud with glue and place it on the other side of the ring.

6) Add a little more glue and slide in the second ring…

7) Then glue the last pyramid stud to the last side of the ring.
8) AND…you’re done!



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