Embroidered pictures for home decor: spring button flowers tutoriral


Embroidered pictures for home decor: spring button flowers tutoriral


Today we are turning buttons into flowers and making a cute handmade display-piece! Enjoy :)
You will Need:
  • Buttons that feel "Flowery"
  • Neutral Fabric (mine was a fine linen colored cotton)
  • Embroidery Thread (I used a few greens for the stems & yellow for the flower centers)
  • Small Needle
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or Invisible Marker
  • An embroidery hoop to be used as a frame
Step 1: Space out your buttons on the fabric and mark a little pencil dot where you want each one. Like the example above, make sure to leave room for the stem below each button.
Step 2: Sew on the buttons all at once with one color of thread. Visit this post for tips on how to start and end your stitching.
Step 3: Stitch a straight dashed line below each button, starting just under the button and ending at an 'invisible horizontal line'.
Step 4: Frame your fabric in an ornamental embroidery hoop, hide or trim the fabric overhang in behind (I taped mine on the back).
Step 5: Hang your new artwork :)
I hung mine above my desk at the Studio :) This project would be fun as a button swap with friends (you could even do it on a teatowel)! Try it :)
Interested in another Button Craft? Check out this Cork Frame Project :)


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