Flower gifts: Dahlia Felt Flowers tutorial

Flower gifts: Dahlia Felt Flowers tutorial
Gorgeous... Yes.
Cheep... Yes.
Easy... of Course!
Want to make one?
Start by cutting 3 sizes of felt squares. I cut 12 of largest, 10 of the next, and 7 of the small.

Trim your squares into petal shapes, leaving one of the large and one of the medium squares for later.
 (I just free handed it because petals aren't all the same- right?)
Cut a circle for your base (I used leftover denim, but you could use more felt or whatever.)

Fold the sides of a petal in toward the center secure to the circle with a couple stitches.

Continue all the way around keeping your petals nice and close together. (I used 11 of them.)

Start your next row by stitching the medium petals in closer to the center. Continue all the way around.
 (I used 9 petals.)

Add your smallest petals on the same way. (I had 7 around.)

Take you unused large and medium square and trim them down to circles. Then cut slits all the way around.

Stack them up (med. on large)

Stitch in the center or your flower. When you pull the stitch tight the center will pull down and all the little 'fringe' will stand up.

Wha-la! a Beautiful Felt Flower!!!
(or two or three...)


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