Food gifts: Angry Birds in Our Lunch

Angry Birds in Our Lunch


 My kids often take packed lunches to school.   We wanted  to come up with some new and fun ideas, instead of taking the same old boring sandwich.  I asked my kids if they could come up with ideas on making Angry Bird treats before I went to the grocery store. We brainstormed for a bit, and came up with several.  My 12 yr old son even offered to go to the store with me to see if he could come up with more.. (he never wants to go to the store, so he was really into this!)    We had so many ideas we could not get them all done tonight, and this post will have to be broken up into 2, maybe even 3 parts.  

Kyle likes to take hard boiled eggs in his lunch, and thought a hard boiled bird would be a fun idea.  I just used edible markers to draw the face and hair  on the egg.

Next up was the yellow triangle bird.  I only had American cheese on hand, so he is kind of yellow-orange. Spread your miracle whip/mayo on a slice of bread and then place your slice of cheese.  Cut the bread into a triangle shape.   We used string cheese for the eyes,  yellow pepper for the beak and black olives for the brows and hair.   The black of the eyes were drawn on with edible marker. 

The round red bird was next.   I bought the tomatoes that are bigger than cherry/grape size but smaller than vine size.  They also happened to be on sale today.

 I made a small slice in the tomato and inserted a yellow pepper triangle.  This is kind of tricky because the tomato can easily tear causing the hole to become to big.   I used toothpick halves to place the string cheese eyes and olive pieces.  I also used them to add the red feathers on top.  This is probably okay for older kids because they will hopefully not eat the toothpicks, but younger kids might need help removing them. 

It was kind of hard finding something round and green for the pigs.  It was Kara's idea to use the cucumber.   We used yellow pepper for the crown, string cheese for the eyes and a piece of celery for the nose.  It was too hard to make the teeth, and the kids thought it looked better without them anyway.  

The white bread bird is one of Kara's creations.  She was just experimenting with bread tonight, but it could easily be made on a sandwich.  Use a round cookie cutter to cut a circle in the bread/sandwich. She used carrot pieces for the beak, string cheese for the eyes and olives for the brows and hair. 
The boomerang bird was also one of Kara's creations.  I have Angry Bird Rio on my phone, so I do not know this particular bird. She knew of him from her dad's Angry bird  game. She made him from cucumber, yellow pepper,  string cheese and black olives.  



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