Gift presents: Felt Flower Ponytail Binder tutorial

My daughter wanted something red to wear in her hair on the 4th of July.  So, I dug through my bin of hair accessories and found this felt flower.  I had made a bunch of these in various colors and gave some away as Christmas gifts.

how to make this Autumn Bloom Belt.  I loved the felt flowers and used them to make Felt Flower Ponytail Binders.

I cut a 15x1 inch strip of red felt and made small slits along the entire length.  To shorten this process, I folded the felt strip in half therefore each cut made 2 slits.
Next, I put about 2 inches hot glue at a time along the strip and rolled the felt up.
I cut out a small circle of felt and placed the ponytail binder in the center of the felt roll.  Then, I put glue on either side of the binder and stuck the felt circle on.
The felt circle holds the binder in place.  Flip the flower over and fluff out the "petals".


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