Gift presents for kids: Flower fabric hair clips tutorial

 pink fabric flower

A friend asked me whether I could make some kind of hair accessory with a special fabric. His girl friend made a "Schultüte" which she covered with this fabric. The "Schultüte" was for his niece because she is starting school now and the official celebration with the school is today.
"Schultüte" is again a little bit of  difficulty to translate. Not because of the words but the meaning. It is (says leo dict) a large cornet of cardboard. It is filled with sweets and little gifts. In germany children gets them at their first day of school. Mostly one big one from the parents and from family and friends little ones... or everyone stuffs little presents in the big one from the parents :)

The request was just to make something for his niece hair. They didn't want to add more sweets ^^ So as you know me: I played. 

I'll show you my way of creating the hair clips because it is really easy. For this one I just cut out circles from the pink fabric and smaller circles of cord for the support of the fabric.

The hairpin already had the sparkling stones. I cut a little hole in one cord piece and put it in between the metal clips and the a larger cut (so the stones cut come through) to the other cord piece to put it on the top of the clip. I glued both pieces together. Then I cut the three pink fabric pieces (a long cut for the stones to go through). I just put them on top and added a little bit of glue between the single pieces. 

For the little rose I folded the fabric and sewed a large and narrow triangle with the wide side open. The fabric was turned and just rolled together to form a little rose. Some stitches and a lot of glue hold it together ^^

More glue hold the ribbon on the hair clip and the rose on top... That was all :)

For the last one just have a look here (or here for another one) :) 

This little heart I got from a granny swap as a little gift. I added some crochet strings and I hope it will make a little wristband for the girl.



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