Gift presents for kids: Handmade Teddy Bear Ear Headband

Sewing patterns

Hmm, I think I promised to post the tutorial for the teddy bear ears from the twins birthday party a week ago.  Oops.
Teddy Bear Ear Headband
Without further ado.

Teddy Bear Ear tutorial

Step 1:
Cut out the pieces of felt required:
  • 1 long strip to make a sleeve for the headband - measure the width of the headband, double it and add an extra 5mm for stitching.  Measure the length and do the same.
  • the large part of the ear - Cut a piece of paper to the correct shape and use that as a template.  You will need 4 of these per headband.
  • the small inner section of the ear - as above, however you will only need 2 of these per headband.
Step 2:
Stitch the long sides of the sleeve together using an over-edge stitch (either using the sewing machine or by hand).   Pull the sleeve over the headband, fold the ends over and stitch by hand.
Step 3:
Stitch the inner ear to the outer ear.  Then stitch the back and front of each ear together.  Use a couple of strands of embroidery thread.
Step 4:
Put a small amount of stuffing in each ear.  This is to help the ears stand up and fill them out a little so they don't flop over when stitched to the headband.
Step 5:
Stitch each ear to the sides of the headband.  Stitch as close to the edge of the headband as you can.  If you stitch the back and front of the headbands close together the ear will most likely flop.
And there you have it.


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