Gift presents for women: Triangle Coin Purse With Zipper

Triangle Coin Purse - How to sew  
Gift presents for women: Triangle Coin Purse With Zipper
Sewing patterns

1. Fabric – 2pcs. of 5″ x 5″
2. Lining fabric – 2pcs. of 5″ x 5″
3. Zipper end covers – 2pcs. of 2″ x 1 1/2″
4. Batting – 2pcs. of 4″ x 4″
5. Zipper – 3″ (I used 4″ metal zipper shorten to 3″)
6. Decorative cord or ribbon, approx. 18″
1. Sewing machine with normal presser foot
2. Zipper foot
3. Sewing kits
4. Erasable fabric marker
5. Ruler
6. Knitting needle or something blunt but pointy for adjusting the corners
Material To Sew Triangle Coin PurseCut fabrics & batting according to the dimension above.
For fabric & lining, 5″ x 5″ size is already included 1/2″ seam allowance. Draw sewing lines on the wrong side of the fabrics with fabric marker or pencil.

Sew Diagonal QuiltDraw a diagonal line on the center of the fabrics with ruler and erasable fabric marker.

purse with battingPin batting on the wrong side of the fabrics. Trim the batting to follow the fabric sewing lines if necessary.

sew diagonalStitch diagonally on the right side of the fabric with sewing machine.
Use the presser foot as a guide, sew parallel lines across the entire piece.

diagonal quiltFinished diagonal quilting on both sides of the purse fabrics.
Set aside.

bind zipper endCover both zipper’s ends with the 2″ x 1 1/2″ fabrics.
Fold the raw edges on the 1 1/2″ side and sew a narrow hem before covering the zipper’s end.
Fold the 2″ length into half and cover the end (trim the raw edges on the zipper end if necessary), pin to secure the position.

cover zipper endChange your presser foot to zipper foot, sew on the other 3 sides, except the one across the metal zipper.
Repeat the same to the other end.

quilted purseNow you have 2 pcs. of quilted purse fabrics, 2 lining fabrics and a zipper ready for sewing into triangle purse.

install zipperPin the zipper on the purse fabric with right side together.
Normally, I don’t draw any sewing line on the zipper, I use the grain line on the zipper as a guide, which is normally between 3/8″ to 1/4″ from the center.
Sew on the seam allowance to secure the zipper in place. Remove pins.

attach lining on purseNow, pin the lining on the zipper and purse fabric, with right side together.
Sew on the sewing line with zipper foot. Remove pins.

how to sew zipper on purse with liningTurn the purse fabric and lining down, and zipper up. One side is done.

zipper with both sidesRepeat the above 3 steps to the other side of the zipper.

zipper position on purseBring the purse fabrics together with right side facing each other, do the same to the lining.
Bend the zipper’s edge down to the lining’s side.
Pin both sides of the purse’s fabric and lining.

sew purse sides with openingCut 3″ cord as a purse loop and place between the purse fabrics, on the zipper head side.
Sew both side and leave a 2 1/2″ opening on the lining for turning the purse right side out.
Tip: if you want to do make the one on the right hand side of the main photo, sew base and zipper head side. Instead of 2 parallel sewing, it becomes a ” ] “, aka base-side-base.

sew base of triangle coin purseGrab the unsewn side (which is the base for this instance), turn the purse with sides meeting at the center. Pin to secure.
Do the same to the lining and bring the lining to the purse fabric.

sew coin purse with liningSew both purse fabric and lining fabric together, with lining opening facing up.

turn purse right side out from openingTurn the purse right side out from the opening. It may seems a little too chunky to go through the small opening, as long as you turn each fabric through one by one, you will be fine.
Use knitting needle or something pointy but blunt to shape the corners.

attach decorative cordFold the balance of the cord into half and stitch the center to the center of the purse bottom.

rice dumpling triangle pouchTie a knot or ribbon to the purse loop. Trim the cord to your liking.
A triangle coin purse that looks like a wrapped rice dumpling is completed!


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