Halloween crafts for kids: Jack-O'-Lantern Wreath Tutorial

I'm always inspired by wreath tutorials. I see so many gorgeous, fantastic and fun wreaths and tutorials out there. I rush out to get supplies to make it, and then for some reason lose the thrill and never make it! Sad, I know...
Well I finally decided to make a wreath! Yay! I think I may have been more motivated to actually make this one because its my very own design and I wanted to see how it would turn out from my head into real life!
Its different, but perfect for the Holiday coming up! :)
Here is my Halloween Themed Wreath:
Jack-O-Lantern Wreath
 Halloween crafts for kids: Jack-O'-Lantern Wreath Tutorial
Supplies Needed:
Bare Wreath Starter 
(you could use a styrofoam round too, but I already had this one on hand)
Orange fabric
black and yellow felt
Thin orange ribbon
Green ribbon (any size you prefer)
Glue Gun
Start out by cutting your fabric into LONG 2in strips. I did this one strip at a time to see how much I would need. I ended up using 2 long strips.
Glue the starter piece to the back of the wreath, then wrap around and around, gluing every so often for security.
Once you have it completely covered, cut your orange ribbing to fit across and around your wreath. You will need to separate pieces. 
Next cut your felt in the shapes you want for your jack-o-lantern face!
Arrange the face and glue the black felt overlapping the yellow felt. I did this to give it a look of depth. You could do JUST black or just yellow if you prefer. :)
Next Glue those shapes to your orange ribbon.
And wrap around the wreath to make your Jack-O-Lantern face!
Then simply glue and wrap your green ribbon around the top to make the stem. Make a loop to hang it by and tie a bow for added cuteness!
Now you've got yourself a cute little jack-o-lantern wreath, hang or add with your other Halloween decor!


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