Handmade cards, DIAGONAL - paper and pen progressions

Handmade cards, DIAGONAL - paper and pen progressions

Paper is one of my favorite things! Make a few simple parallel cuts and then fold each of the sections the opposite way and you get a neat little design.

And who can resist doing a bit of pattern drawing? I can't!

Then I turned it the other way around since I like that 'word search' look, too...

Ahh, an amusing way to play around with this month's theme. Not very practical, but patterns are always entertaining in my opinion!

P.S. these are actually easy to do. (I can imagine your older boys liking this, Dora.) Take a paper, fold it in half, make your series of cuts (starting from the far left make 2 the same length, then each next one progressively shorter by 1 cm until the middle, then progress back to the longest length, again cutting 2 of that one). Open out your paper and make mountain folds in the middle of each strip that you cut and valley folds at each end. Voilá!


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