Lovely headband, sewing tutorial

  Little Leaf Tutorial

Sewing Machine
Glue Gun
For this project I used scrap felt I had laying around,
but you can purchase felt for 16-40cents a piece (depending on where you go)
I used 2 colors -mustard & cream- for the leaves
 and 1 color -black, not shown- for the back
I also threaded my machine with black thread so it gave a contrast in color and matched the band!
To start take your felt and cut 4- 2" squares
(i wanted a fun color pop so one square is a different color)

I eyeballed the leaf I wanted to cut,
but for this tutorial I just drew it on the felt so you can see what you will be cutting!

Cut out your leaves, so cute already!

And lay them down on another piece of felt.
If you want to try running them through the machine without backing that's ok too.
But that didn't work well for me, and I think this makes the headband stronger!
You can also use pins, but its not required.
Again this is just something that makes it easier.
Create a stitch right down the middle of the leaves

Back stitch lightly on each end

It should look something like this!
Now take your scissors and cut the leaves off of the felt (basically all the extra needs to go)
I used lingerie elastic and just measured it around my head.
Take the end and start gluing from the middle, then take the other end
 and attach from the middle on the other side.. and glue there too.
It should look like this when done (just make sure it doesn't get twisted!)

Now I like the back to look finished, plus it secures your band.
So take another piece of felt (i used black to match the band)
and glue the back of the headband to the felt.
Then cut off the extra like I did with the cream felt.

(like this)
Flip that bad boy around and glue all the little leaf flaps of felt together so its all sandwiched in.
(sorry i forgot to photograph this part)
Basically you just lift all the leaves and glue between the layers of felt from top to bottom!
Bam! A cute and easy lightweight headband.


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