Paper crafts: Easy Crepe Paper Garland

DIY instructions below!
Paper crafts: Easy Crepe Paper Garland
Materials Needed:
Crepe Paper, Thin Gauge Wire, Scissors, Wire Cutter, and String
Step 1: Cut out the petals and the leaves. Taking stacks of the crepe paper cut out the shapes of the petals and also of the leaves. For the petals we made them 2.5″ wide and for the leaves we made them skinny about 4″ long. Take special care to get the shape you want since it makes a big difference what your flower looks like.
Step 2: Make the Flower. You need four petals for each flower. Take the first petal and roll it to make the center. Then take the second petal and wrap it around the first pinching it at the base. The last two flowers you should mold and stretch out with your thumb before adding them to the flower. Take a 5″ piece of wire and wrap it at the base of the flower to hold it in place. Leave the tail of the wire attached like a stem.
Step 3: Attach the flower to the string. Taking a few flowers and a few leaves hold them up to the string. Taking the tail of the wire fasten the leaves and flowers to the string by wrapping it around tightly. Clip off the extra wire with wire cutters. Et voilà! You have a pretty floral garland.


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