Paper crafts for kids: Paper Boutonnieres tutorial

Carnation boutonnieres made from cupcake liners are easy to make and kids love them.
Perfect for St. Patrick's Day.
To make these, I find that the king-size cupcake liners work the best. I got mine in the baking supply aisle at Jo-Ann's.
Flatten out cupcake liner.
Fold liner in half.
Fold into 4th, 8ths and then 16ths.
Twist the bottom into a point.
Using floral stem wrap tape (available in the floral supply section of any craft store), wrap the stem of your boutonniere.
Fan out the top.
Create the look of petals by cutting into the paper.
To add color, I painted my flower with watercolor paint.

Tie stem with ribbon and add a safety pin.


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