Recycling paper: paper flower crafts

This oatmeal covered container is very similar to the one Janet made except that instead of crepe paper flowers, I added these little paper flowers.
I think it makes a lovely place to store special treasures a little girl might find.

Cute when attached to a tiny gift card.
Recycling a tin can for a desk accessory.
Using a 40% off coupon, I bought a cutter in a pleasing petal shape.  I followed this YouTube video.
After cutting out 8 circles, lightly spritz with water.  Scrunch each circle into a small ball.
Open the scrunched balls and stack.  Punch a hole through the stack.  This can easily be done with a pointy object, but my husband excitedly suggested using his drill and so, to please him, I did.  You can purchase cute little brads in the scrap-booking department of a craft store. Since they don't show, I used plain ones that worked fine and were less expensive.
To form the flower, begin with the top petal and squish it together.  Repeat with the remaining petals.  Then open gently until you like the shape of your flower.

I made my flowers from computer paper and card stock.  You might choose paper in solid or a printed pattern.  For an added dimension, the edges can be inked just after punching them out and prior to scrunching.

Note about using pages from a book:  I found that when making these flowers using pages from an older dictionary that they came out better when I did not wet them.  Perhaps there is a greater fabric content but they simply did not hold the scrunch when wet! Pages from a regular book may not react this way but if you find they do, skip the wetting step.


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