Sewing patterns: Skinny Tie tutorial


Working at Neiman Marcus the Hubby has come to appreciate the {Skinny Tie}
Most of his ties are the traditional wide tie & he was wanting something new
He said to me the other day, "I want a hobby like you, I want to do something creative!"
I told him to look around the Blog-o-sphere for some "Man DIY's"
A few days passed, I walked into the living room & guess what I husband...sewing...& ironing!!
The clouds opened & I heard angels singing, hallelujah!!
So proud of the Hubs & his craftiness!
Justin's DIY {Skinny Tie} Tutorial
Find yourself a good example tie (you can wing it if you don't)
Use a seam ripper to open your tie & position your template tie
Use a permanent marker & dot an outline of your template tie 
Cut your batting & equivalent proportions of the actual tie
Use and iron to smooth out the old creases in the tie
Make your new folds & set them with your iron
Sew your tie back together, making sure you don't go through the entire tie, just the back & the batting
Voila! Your very own skinny tie!


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