Unique crafts: IY - "Perler Beads"? $0 Guarantee! with straws

up.  Make your own faux Perler Beads!  Zero cost guarantee but ... 100% quality and satisfatory...that's will depends how 'open minded' you are to my 'new idea'!

A sample of my 'creation'...it suppose to spell " i  u" but it sort of out of shape at the end...Well, I'm not a perfectionist anyway.  Just want to share with you all the 'idea',  the 'result' will be perfect if I have more patience...
Unique crafts: IY - "Perler Beads"? $0 Guarantee! with straws
OK.  Happy with the sample above so far?  Now, let me show you the 'idea' or the 'method'.

You will need :-
1.  A piece of release paper or what you call a backing paper from sticker sheet.  Yes, the sticker sheet your kids use up... remove the sticking paper, keep the waxing paper.  Yup, I keep this all the time to substitute wax paper when 'in need'.  Or, you can use your wax paper if you have that in hand.

2.  Straws.  Never throw away straw, they can be pretty useful and fun.  Check out my other project on straw 

3.  Hot iron.  The one you use on your clothes.  What for? Hmmm... you'll see. ;)

Method :-

1.  Cut the straw into 4 - 5 mm in length.
2.  Arrange them into pattern on the backing paper on the top of the wax surface.

As you can see here, the straw don't have to be exactly the same height,
so + / - is ok.

3.  Now, cover the top with the backing paper with wax area face in - or you just fold over and cover the 'beads'.
4.  Switch on you iron.  I do this on a concrete tiles floor.  I tried it on the iron board, but it was too soft.  I turn my iron on medium heat.  Just rest and touch the paper.  Don't press!  Wait for about 20 - 30 second.  The 'beads' will 'stick' on the paper from inside, turn around and press the other side too to have the pattern surface even.
5.  Remove the iron and wait about 10 seconds or until the paper cool down.  If you rush like I did, you will have some 'flashing' when opened up the paper.

If you happened to have this 'fray' or 'flashing', just remove with a craft knife.
6.  Now, enjoy your zero cost "perler beads".  This idea is good for making small items like little pendent, earring, small frames.... but I prefer ...


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