Unique gift for women: Paperclip Earings tutorial


Paperclip Earings

So here's what you need:
2 paperclips
glue - use liquid stitch or tacky glue

Open all 3 sides of paperclips forming a triangle. Slide earring part onto paperclip.

Glue together ends of paperclip and begin wrapping floss around the
entire paperclip adding a dab of glue every so often.

Once you've covered the entire paperclip begin making the web like earring by wrapping in all different directions. On my next pair I would make sure to wrap long way in the beginning of wrapping. To finish it off I put a dab of glue at the top and wrapped the end around it multiple times.

This was so simple and took very little time to do. I love how they turned out and I'm so excited to wear them! I love earrings and these are so light weight you don't even notice they're there! I have plans to make more so I'll share those when I get them done! Enjoy!


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