Unique Gifts: Sewing Projects, Valentine Bookmarks

If you are looking for some kids sewing projects for Valentine's Day, then you might want to try these fun paper clip bookmarks! These cute Valentine bookmarks would make a nice gift idea for all of their friends and they are also very inexpensive bookmarks to make because you only need some paper clips and some felt. So if your kids like to sew, then this could be a great Valentine project for them.

kids sewing projects 
Unique Gifts: Sewing Projects,  Valentine Bookmarks
  • Large paper clips
  • Felt
  • Embroidery thread
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Small beads (optional)


Print and cut out the heart template, and then trace and cut out your pieces of felt. Cut two hearts for each bookmark you want to make.

Sew the paper clip onto the back of one of the hearts. See photo A.

kids sewing projects kids sewing projects

Now turn the heart over. Don't worry about the stitches showing on the front, because they will be hidden under the flower and leaves. Sew the leaves on using thebackstitch. Be sure to stitch down the very center of each leaf. See photo B.

Sew the flower on using a French knot in the center. Or you could sew it on using a small bead instead. See photo C.

kids sewing projects kids sewing projects

Next, sew the front heart to the back heart using the running stitch. To sew along the bottom, just lift up the edges of the leaves and sew underneath. See photo D.

Your Valentine bookmarks are now finished and ready to give to your friends!

kids sewing projects
We hope you enjoyed this sewing craft for bookmarks to make for Valentine's Day! And for more homemade Valentine ideas


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