Craft Project for kids: Paper Globe tutorial

Simple folded paper circles are glued together to create a fun globe. Decorate with paper globe topiary or make several globes and thread on to a length of embroidery silk or thin wire to make a garland.


  • assorted patterned papers
  • glue stick
  • 2 inch circle punch
  • pencil
  • craft knife


Cut or punch 20 circles on to the paper. Cut out a triangle from cardstock. Place the triangle pattern in the center of each circle and lightly draw around with a pencil to make the score lines. Score along the lines using the back of the craft knife blade.
Lay the circles flat and gently fold up the flaps. Create top and bottom: With glue stick, glue flaps of 5 pieces together to make a dome. Repeat for globe bottom.
Create middle band: Glue remaining 10 circles together. Glue first piece to last piece to form band.
Glue globe top to globe band. Glue globe bottom to other side of globe band to form ball.
To create paper globe topiary: Cut 3/16 inch hole at center of one paper circle to allow for topiary pole. Paint 3/16 inch dowel with apple green acrylic paint.
Cut floral foam to fit into pot. Insert covered dowel into hole in paper globe. Insert dowel into center of foam. Cover pot with crumpled strips of tissue paper.
Tie ribbon bow around dowel at base of paper globe.
Craft Project for kids: Paper Globe tutorial


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