Crafty jewelry: Ribbon Pearl Necklace tutorial

Anywho, I found my next project on Pintrest.  It was originally linked back to a store but it is no longer available at that store.  So because I had to figure out how to make it myself without a tutorial I am listing this as an Idea Origianl but I was definitely inspired and didn't come up with it all by myself.

Crafty jewelry: Ribbon Pearl Necklace tutorial
Isn't she pretty?  And it is really much easier to make then it looks.
Here are the supplies that you will need:
Pearls (I bought 3 packages but only ended up using one for each necklace)
Start out with two strands of Ribbon. Each strand I used measured about 2.5 - 3 feet because I wanted to make sure I had enough.  With the two pieces together tie a knot about 5-6 inches in from one end.  Then tie the thread into that knot.  The thread is what is going to go into the beads, not the ribbon.  When you very first start it will look awkward but it gets better I promise.  So the key is for each ribbon to pass over 2 beads but you want them to alternate so there is ribbon between each bead.  Thread one bead then pull the needle & thread through ribbon A, put on another bead and put the needle and thread through the ribbon B and just keep alternating making sure not to twist the ribbon.  So now that you are confused know exactly what I am talking about let me show you the pictures and that should help a lot.

I used one package of pearls per necklace.  After I threaded the last pearl I again put the 2 ribbon strands together and tied a knot tight against that last pearl.  Trim Ribbon B close to the knot so you are left with only Ribbon A.  Make sure you trim Ribbon B off of the starting end as well so you have 2 single ribbon ends to tie together.  Then with the two ends I decided how long I wanted my necklace to be, tied another knot and trimmed the loose ends.
I made 2, a purple and a black and I love them both have worn them many times.


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