Food gifts: Making Funny Food Faces


Making Funny Food Faces

When we got home yesterday afternoon from the school pick-up, my boys announced they had the hungrys and that they wanted to do something fun; maybe get the art supplies out. I remembered something I saw on Playschool years ago. Making funny face open sandwiches! Combining an afternoon snack and play all in one. This had the added bonus of upping their vegetable intake for the day….this is something I am slightly obsessive about. I grate, puree and hide extra vegetables in our meals all the time, anything to up the amount they eat.
To Make Funny Food Faces:
  • Spread your bread generously with cream cheese or you could try peanut butter
  • Have a selection of foods cut into different shapes, we used alfalfa sprouts, carrots, cherry tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber
  • Let your kids make away!

There was lots of snacking on the vegetables on the platter as they made the faces and some very interesting creations were made.

The general consensus was that funny faces are delicious and lots of fun! Check out the empty platter at the end, I was surprised by how much of the veggies they ate, even my Mr almost 4 ate heaps.

Do you get your kids to play with food?


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