Food gifts: The Millennium (Pancake) Falcon

The Millennium (Pancake) Falcon

millenium falcon pancake
Well, the AT-AT was such a hit that I decided to do another favorite, the Millennium Falcon :)
This one was a bit easier than the AT-AT, but the landing gear gave me a hard time. For the first attempt I think this came out pretty good though. I should probably add a small Chewie though, using chocolate batter of course.
Here’s a time-lapse video that I made, it shows how all the pieces go together. Overall cooking time was about 5-6 minutes. You can see that Ryan was there helping me in the kitchen :)The video cut off before I plated the Falcon, but all you need to do is set the parts on top of each other and you’re all set.

Making the Millennium Falcon Pancake


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