Free crochet patterns: Fern Pattern

Free crochet patterns: Fern Pattern

the Fern from Crochet Bouquet
Lynn, a Crochet Bouquet reader from Hawaii, asked for help with the Fern pattern (pages 110-111).
I am really enjoying yourCrochet Bouquet book!
But I need your assistance for the fern pattern. I cannot understand the instructions/how are the clusters created? Do I work both sides of the chain?
Then I get lost when it says chain 5 and repeat the whole thing again/
Thank you and Aloha,
I wrote back, telling her how the fern is constructed. Then I made a suggestion that will help any time you are confused by the jumble of symbols and abbreviations in a crochet or knitting pattern:
I know there are lots of words in the instructions. Maybe it would help if you copied out the instructions into lines where you could see everything better, and leave out some of the informational words. This is what I mean:

Lower Leaflets:
* Ch 3
sl st-picot
(ch 2, sl st-picot) 2 times
sl st-picot 2 times
(sl st in next 2 ch, sl st-picot) 2 times
sl st in next 3 ch
ch 5
Repeat from * 2 more times.
You can write out the “Next to Top Leaflet” and the “Top” and so on, in the same way.
So why are crochet (and knitting) instructions printed all crowded and condensed in books and magazines? Because readers, authors, editors, and publishers like to have as many designs in a book as possible.
Look at it this way: copying out instructions from time to time is a small price to pay for more patterns. Lace knitters have been doing this for years, even going so far as to write out each row on an index card. When all the cards for one pattern are written, they punch a hole in one corner of each card, bind with a ring, and Voila! A flip chart for the pattern!
Lynn’s story ended happily. She made a perfect Fern Leaf and sent me this photo. Beautiful!


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