Free knitting patterns: tutorial indian cross stitch

Free knitting patterns: tutorial indian cross stitch 

the stitch crossing rows (6 & 12) of indian cross stitch can be a bit sticky.  we’re showing you in pictures in case our written instructions don’t make any sense!

3XK: insert needle as if to knit, then wrap yarn 3 times around needle counterclockwise, and ‑finish the knit stitch
CO 24 sts (an 8 sts repeat); knit flat.
Row 1(WS) – 4(RS): K all.  This is pretty straight forward. The piece should look like this after you’ve finished Row 4:

Row 5: 3XK all.  See abbreviation section above.  The first 3XK stitch will look like the picture below:

Row 6: We’re breaking Row 6 into a few parts to make it easier to explain:
  • Step 1: *Sl8 sts, letting the extra loops drop to form 8 very long sts.  It looks like this:
  • Step 2:  Insert left-hand needle into the 1st four sts on right-hand needle and pass them over the second set of long sts as shown in the 2 photos below:
  • Step 3: Bring all 8 of these long sts onto left-hand needle

  • Step 4:  Knit the 8 sts (the 2nd half of the original 4 and then the original 4). Repeat from * to end.
It will look like the picture below when you’ve completed Row 6:
Row 7-10: K all.  After row 10, the piece looks like this:
Row 11: 3XK all
Row 12: You are creating the staggered pattern in this row. Begin by slipping 4 sts, letting the extra loops drop to form 4 very long sts. Cross 2 sts over 2 sts as in Row 6, and knit these 4. Next, *Sl8 sts, cross as in Row 6, knit as in Row 6, and repeat until the last 4 sts. For the last 4 sts, slip 4, cross 2 over 2 sts and then knit these last 4 sts.
The first 12 sts of Row 12 will look something like this:
Repeat Rows 1-12 for the pattern.


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