Gift present for kids: Rainbow Sunshine Plushie for hair accessories....

Gift present for kids:  Rainbow Sunshine Plushie for hair accessories....
I want to begin this tutorial with a little story. One day there was a little organic cotton rainbow be-ribboned plushie that was sketched and then stitched with love in a very messy upstairs room in a home somewhere in Minneapolis. It was a happy little plushie, made all the more so by the creation of its 3 identical siblings who sat on a sunny windowsill with the little plushie, keeping it company. T

But then, the plushie creator decided, I'll be damned if the corporate-toy-making-man can bully this little artist and stop the world from enjoying these little plushies and try to control the creative use of ribbon. Just like all the other sewing notions and art supplies in the world, ribbons deserve to be given free-expression too. Ribbons have feelings too! 

And so, the plushie creator decided she would simply make a little free anddownloadable tutorial on how to make the happy little be-ribboned plushiesfor your own self, so the little plushies can continue to exist in the world, and proliferate, and be free from the repression of the corporate man. And then people began downloading the pattern, and making their own little happy be-ribboned plushies, and were filled with joy and were freed from repression and lived happily ever after.

The end.


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