Gift presents for women: DIY Autumn leaf headband

Gift presents for women: DIY Autumn leaf headband
are you ready for the easiest DIY like…EVER?!
oh and did I mention, super cute?
I actually threw this together this morning (in under 10 minutes, now that’s what I’m talkin’ bout ;) to wear to the fall kick-off for our church’s youth group (I was asked to take some photos and watch the potato-themed fun).
Anyway, back to headband talk…
ready to make?
okay, lets go!

Here’s the supplies
Felt – I went a little crazy at the craft store the other day and got just about every fall color they had in stock (at 30cents a piece I was a biiiig spenda!)
Elastic – mine was an 1.5 inches wide, I think!
oh and either a needle or a sewing machine
(I used my machine just so it’d be extra sturdy)
I just wrapped the elastic around my head to figure out the right size, you’ll sew it a tiny bit smaller (but not too small, nothing it more annoying than a super tight headband that keeps sliding off your head all day!)
cut out your leaf shapes in different colors!
sew your elastic ends (by hand if you don’t have a machine)
next just sew your leaves on!
I sewed the “hidden” ends first and then went over all 3 to make it extra sturdy.
All Done!


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