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How to make a fruit platter

It's spring, which means the beginning of backyard barbeque's and pot lucks. One of my favorite go to's is this fruit platter.
It looks super complicated and professionally done but it is really quite easy. This fruit platter was something I made from things on hand for my daughter's birthday breakfast.

You start with a pineapple. Make sure the top is nice looking since you will be using that.
And get a nice large platter out.
Place the pineapple on it's side and cut down the middle all the way through the pineapple
including the top
It should look like this
Now cut your half into quarters
not forgetting to cut the top of the pineapple as well
In this next step, you are preparing to get the fruit out of the rind. Make a cut from the bottom and then carefully cut around the bottom getting the fruit free from the rind.
It should look like this. The rind is on the right, the fruit is on the left in my hand. Then with your fruit in hand, cut out the core.
I then place my fruit back into the rind and cut slices down throughout the pineapple.
Do this with all four of your pineapple quarters and then place them on your platter.
I then usually take the pineapple slices and fancy them up a bit. This leaves room for other fruit to sit in the rind. Think blueberries, grapes, kiwi or cherries.
Strawberries are almost always a part of the platter. I love the contrasting colors. During the summer, I put watermelon around as well.
I add other fruit to fill in some of the spaces.
And there you have it! A beautiful fruit platter for your next gathering.


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