Halloween food gift: Who's for Dinner?

Who's for Dinner?

It's that time of year...time for spooky food! First, let me clarify that I know some of you probably don't want to see anything about Halloween and I wouldn't say we necessarily "celebrate" Halloween but I have always amused my children with these creations during October. We don't make anything really gross or evil, just ideas I have found over the years that are cute and silly. We make most of these every year and the kids still get a kick out of them, kinda a family tradition now!

First are the three mummy meals, the English muffin pizza mummies, the hot dog mummies which are hot dogs wrapped in strips of refrigerator breadsticks and baked, and a new addition...the meat loaf mummy. This is meatloaf shaped like a mummy and then covered with strips of American cheese and returned to the oven to let the cheese melt a little bit.

A fan favorite to make is the vegetable skeleton.

A taco salad gets spook-a-fied with sour cream and black olive eyes.

This is a new find, swamp creatures made out of mac-n-cheese baked in muffin tins and sitting on cooked spinach. (will they eat the spinach??)

And finally, the grand finale, the slitherin' Stromboli! It is pizza sauce, pepperoni and cheese rolled up inside pizza dough and baked in an "s" shape. So cute and yummy too!


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