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JRB CFBH gift bag 14 finished

Top Note Gift Bag Tutorial

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JRB CFBH gift bag 1  

You need  1 piece of  6 X 11.5 DSP.  I had originally tried 6 X 12, but the Die did not cover the edges then.  I am using one from the Sending Love collection.  That way, the inside of the bag is decorated, and the outside is all SPARKLY and PURTY!
You also need a Top Note die, though I am using 2.  I cut the blush blossom one on the stitching, so that I could mat them together.
You will also need a scoring tool, scissors, and sticky strip.  The embellishments are up to you, but I'll show you at the end how I finished mine up.
JRB CFBH gift bag 2JRB CFBH gift bag 3
Starting with the 11.5 inch side across the top of your scoring tool (please remove your cutting blade!), you need to score at these intervals - 1  1/8,   2  1/4,   5  1/2,  6  5/8,  7  3/4,  11.  Then, placing your 6 inch side across the top, score at 1 1/2.  Fold on all score lines.
JRB CFBH gift bag 4JRB CFBH gift bag 5
On the bottom, you need to cut out the far corner on the score lines.  Then you need to cut the score lines so you will be left with two wide panels and 2 narrow panels.  The two narrow ones will have a score line running through them, but do not cut them.  Click on the picture to see it better.  You need to get a ruler and lay it on each one of the uncut score lines marking it at 2 1/2 inches.
JRB CFBH gift bag 6JRB CFBH gift bag 7
OK, so now you need to lay that ruler on the mark and the corner of the bottom score line, and score it on the angle.  Click on the second picture fora good look at what it should end up like.  Do this on both narrower panels.  Fold them into what will be the inside of your box.
JRB CFBH gift bag 7.5JRB CFBH gift bag 8
Put a length of sticky strip on the narrow piece at the end, right along the score line.  Then remove the liner and fold the DSP around to make the box.
JRB CFBH gift bag 9JRB CFBH gift bag 10
Fold the two narrower flaps in, and using another piece of sticky strip, adhere the two final flaps together to complete the box portion.  Now, to create the flap.  If you are using two pieces, glue them together and then score it right in front of center.
JRB CFBH gift bag 11JRB CFBH gift bag 12
Add a couple pieces of sticky strip to the back of the top note, making sure to have it on the side that is after the center line. Then stick it to the back of the bag, keeping the score line a smidgen above the top, so it is easier to fold over.
JRB CFBH gift bag 14 finished


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