Romantic Heart fabric for gifts and decor: sewing tutorial

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 Romantic Heart fabric for gifts and decor: sewing tutorial
DIY: gossip from the heart

I went back to show you how gossip heart-shaped mold using Clover super. This site has a tutorial on how to gossip in the race, but I like the practicality thought best to use atemplate ready, making my life. The mold is on sale in shops patchwork good, mine isPaulinia Shop (tel 11 3032-8799 / 3031-1039). But there is another legal option, which is win one of these here in Superziper. Read the end of the post to learn how:) The promotion was CLOSED

1. Separate the mold, retail fabric, needle, thread and small scissors.
2. The mold is composed of two parts the "base" and "cover". With it you will be able to do a gossip about 2, 0 cm. Get to work! Place the fabric on the part of the pattern down,as shown in photo.

3. Close the lid and pressing, leaving the fabric burnt to a crisp in the mold.
4. Go with scissors trimming the edges of the fabric, leaving 0.3 to 0.5 cm margin.

5. Give a "chop" with the scissors within the range that sits on top of the heart.
6. Thread the needle and tie a little knot at the tip. Starting the hole to the left of the mold base, pass the line from the inside out.

7. The little knot the end of the line is in, see?
8. Continue sewing the inside of the holes on the outside of the mold and counter-clockwise. Every point you will sew the edges of the fabric so that they are inside.

9. Attention in time to sew the base, bend the tip of the fabric as shown in photo 10

11. Notice that the last point will override the first point where you started sewing.
12. Carefully remove the fabric from the mold.

13. 're Almost there! Pull the thread carefully and go curling your gossip and adjustingthe format.
14. Give a tight little knot and cut the line left. If you want to decorate the center preach asmall bud, or let the natural beads!


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