Transform fashion : Ruffles & Buttons tutorial

Ruffles & Buttons, Anthro Inspired

So here is that long promised (and sadly late) Anthro inspired tee tutorial. Grab a t-shirt and come along for the ride!
Transform fashion : Ruffles & Buttons tutorial
This is a dress from Anthropologie that I fell in love with last summer. It's called the "Count the Waves" dress, gorgeous, right? The price? $148! NOT happening!

But, I loved the ruffles and buttons, somehow it just looked so perfect and proper and flirty! So I set out to knock it off, than I thought a tee would be much more versatile!

So, I introduce to you my "Ruffles & Buttons" Tee...

Let's get started...

Sew the tube, up the long, and at the bottom. Leave one end open to turn inside out. Iron.

Okay, for this next step there is no take your other strips and ruffle all three of them. If you do not know how to ruffle, I have a great tutorial HERE. I'm so sorry I don't have one for this tee, I completely forgot to take pictures!

This is the truest colour of the shirt I could get.
 Sew "tube" on as close to the edge as you dare go...see next pic. This is the time to add the buttons.

And viola! It's finished! Easy peasy and sweet and fun!
Hope you enjoyed it and forgive how late it is!

And please know, if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments and I will address them right away! Seriously no question is too small, I remember when I was learning to sew (HA! still am!) I felt silly asking questions. But please know, you can, and I'll try my best to answer them!

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RuffTransform fashion : Ruffles & Buttons tutorial


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